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Millions Togglers!

Well, there it is – one of you is the 1,000,000th Togglers. Congratulations, nameless winner!

And it’s all thanks to you.

By the way – have you ever desired to recognize who your fellow Togglers are?

Well, legally we can’t inform you. But to have fun the event of breaking the magical one million barrier, we notion to supply you a small glimpse of the place we stand at the moment.

With one million users, Toggl Track is nearly as huge as the usa it’s from. Another 300,000 users, and we’ll be the identical dimension as Estonia.

Toggl is additionally probable the solely profitable Estonian startup no longer observed by way of its tech savvy president.


Mr. president, if you’re analyzing this, please comply with back. Thanks!


Steady as she goes
9 years of growth

In a time of excessive velocity begin up’s, Toggl Track is a turtle. Toggl Track used to be situated in 2006, however it didn’t begin hastily accelerating till 2014.

It goes to exhibit on occasion it’s OK to take matters slow.

Millions of Hours tracked

Total hours tracked by way of Toggl customers is 230 million hours

In total, Togglers have tracked over 232,500,000 hours of time. That’s about 26,500 years well worth of time entries.

It would take 80,000 years to attain the closest megastar to our photo voltaic system. We should be on Alpha Centauri like, subsequent year!

Toggl Track is Global

top 5 time monitoring countries


There is no longer a single us of a in the world that hasn’t searched for Toggl Track. And yes, that capability even North Korea has been involved (on 5 occasions).

The majority of Togglers come from the US, however there’s masses of you out there in UK, Canada, Japan and Germany.

Toggl is for everyone

Toggl twitter follower interests

According to Twitter, Togglers come from all walks of life.

The most outstanding pastime team is marketers, accompanied by means of social media human beings and designers. Developers and commercial enterprise humans are eager trackers too.

Rumor has it some human beings Toggl Track their sleeping, although this ought to no longer be independently confirmed.

Team players

average measurement of workspace

Toggl Track has a lot of freelance users, however groups tune time too.

The average group measurement is 5.31. Which capability that each and every sixth crew member on Toggl Track is a terminator. Not great positive though, we’re no longer desirable with how numbers work (that’s why we Toggl Track).

The largest workspace ever has 350+ users. Wonder what they’re working on?

So there you have it.

It has been an fascinating experience so far. We’ll permit ourselves 1/2 a cup of sparkly each, and then we’ll get returned to work. There’s pretty a bit on our palms proper now, between working on the net app, Toggl Track cell apps and Desktop versions.

We’ll additionally proceed working on our blog. This yr we’ll be attempting to supply you a glimpse into how different human beings are the use of Toggl Track. We’ll be drawing a bit also.


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