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How Much Does Food Delivery App Development Cost?

The price to create one restaurant food delivery application in an Android or iOS App Development Company in India can range from 3000 to 15000 dollars in India. The cost of app development is based on a variety of factors, including the app’s features, the technology employed, the number of resources required, the time needed in developing the app and API integrations, if there are any post-delivery services or maintenance assistance, and so on.

Food delivery is made easy with a mobile app that was developed in India.

How much will it cost to create an app for food delivery in India?

The price to create an individual food delivery application developed by a mobile app development company based in India from scratch requires the design of 3 crucial panels, which include a web app development company located in India for the admin who will handle the orders that are received, and update the information about the product, its images, and prices, etc.

  1. Customer Portal
  2. Portal for Manager and Administrator
  3. Delivery Partner Portal

Food Delivery App Development Cost Based on the Following Features:

  1. Customer Portal:

When it comes to food delivery mobile app development, the user panel is designed with the needs of the customer in the back of your mind. It’s one of the most essential components of an app for food delivery because a positive user experience can help grow the business of your restaurant.

You are aware that on this website, customers navigate through the menu items, which are displayed in terms of quantity as well as price and description (optional), and then place an order.

The customer portal must have an excellent user interface that allows for ease of use and locating what the client is looking for. The customer should have the option of selecting the latest food items on the menu card or changing the menu items that are already in the cart, and then placing an order for food.

It is also integrated with the Customer Portal and is compatible with payment gateways API integration that includes the possibility of having a variety of payment options. Furthermore, the Google Map API can also be used to find the delivery location. When you update your order confirmation, it’s through the SMS feature.

  1. Driver Portal:

The portal for food delivery is specifically designed for drivers to check and update the order delivery status on the app for food delivery. The Drivers must register to create an account that includes their details. Through this portal, drivers will receive the confirmation of pickup via SMS Pending order pickup or update on the status of delivery. Driver portals may also offer the option of capturing feedback from customers to collect the user’s reviews.

Delivery personnel can also view the payment history and also check their commissions on past orders.

  1. Administration Panel:

The admin panel comes with an interactive dashboard that can be used to manage orders. This feature allows the administrator to keep track of various orders and track things such as the delivery address, delivery person information, and so on. Administrators can also upload new HD images of food items within the app and see all information regarding payment and delivery person’s payouts. The master setting allows the administrator to alter the theme of the app whenever needed.

The iOS and Android application development company located in India is also able to integrate additional features into your custom food delivery app to satisfy different business requirements. For instance, you could integrate social media into the app, allowing the customers of your app to post their thoughts or feedback about your services to their friends and family.

Cost of Building a Restaurant App for Order and Delivery Model:

Many components can be added to provide a precise estimate of the single restaurant’s food delivery mobile app development expenses. Typically, the price of developing an app for food delivery like UberEATS, Food Panda, and so on, is determined by the functions and features that are included. It is possible to hire skilled Android or iOS app developers from Lia infra services for the development of native or hybrid apps for food delivery like Zomato Swiggy, UberEATS, or custom restaurant app development.

If you contract an app development company for mobile devices located in India such as Lia Infraservices, then the estimate of the cost for developing one restaurant food reservation and delivery app will be about $25 per hour. It will comprise an entire mobile app development on the Android as well as iOS platforms. This includes app testing and launch.

If you choose to hire Lia Infraservices for your mobile app development in Saudi Arabia, then you will also receive continuous assistance from a team of experts until the app runs well in the market.

Note: This is only an estimate of the Food delivery app development cost. The actual costs for creating an app similar to Dunzo and Food Panda could vary depending on the features you wish to add as well as the number of resources required as well and the number of hours spent on technical development and the APIs that are integrated.


The business of food delivery on demand is set to explode in the coming years. Thus, businesses looking to get into the market must know the many factors that influence the development cost. In this article Lia Infraservices, we spoke about business models for single restaurant order booking as well as Food delivery app development costs.

If the number of features is minimal, then the cost of developing a mobile application will be less. However, if you choose to add more features then it’s obvious to increase the development costs that in turn requires more time or technical resources needed to create the software application.

In Artoon Solutions we design and create customized software solutions that are best suited to your needs and requirements as well as stay within your budget.


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